Harry Reid

Morning Must Reads: Sluggers

Republican Senate hope Rand Paul announces that he won’t shake hands with Democratic Senate hopeful Jack Conway after their U.S. Senate debate at the University of Louisville on October 17. (Photo by Jamie Rhodes/Getty Images)

–“Aqua Buddha” makes it into the Kentucky Senate debate and one of Jack Conway’s …


The excellent T.A. Frank reviews last night’s Reid-Angle debate and finds that the Senate Majority Leader has only a passing familiarity with English as it is spoken by his constituents. This is a chronic problem for Democrats, especially those who really care about the details of the legislation they are passing: they speak legislatese, …

October Surprises

What would an election season be without a few October surprises – or a lot? Illegal maids, audio tapes of staff slurring the opponent, old rape cases with questions about prosecution, photos of a young candidate cavorting with a dildo-nosed Rudolph – welcome to the final sprint of the 2010 midterm elections. And it’s only going to …

Morning Must Reads: Split

President Obama delivers remarks at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 33rd Annual Awards Gala in Washington September 15, 2010. (Photo by REUTERS/Jim Young)

–Obama splits the baby on the Elizabeth Warren appointment, naming her a special adviser sans Senate confirmation and rankling the Harvard prof’s boosters and

Morning Must Reads: Obama Claims a Win

Reuters/Jim Young

–As Jay notes, Obama political arm Organizing for America is trying to take some credit for Bennet’s solid victory last night in Colorado. The message: Just because we couldn’t save Specter or clear the field for Lincoln and Bennet, the White House political operation is not ineffectual.

–Establishment …

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