Morning Must Reads: Ammunition

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–With the recovery sputtering, second quarter growth numbers due out and the Fed still divided on what, if anything, to do, Ben Bernanke is preparing a speech for tomorrow. It could be a big one.

–Writing in the Wall Street Journal, economist Alan Binder argues the central bank has nothing but weak ammunition anyway.

–Megan McArdle doesn’t think Obama could have done much different on the economy if he had wanted to.

–Our colleague/contrarian extraordinaire Michael Grunwald explores the virtues and impact of the stimulus in a cover piece for this week’s newsstand edition of TIME. (You could subscribe or get the iPad version if you were so inclined.)

–Lisa Murkowski won’t go down without a fight. Democrats are looking to run the Angle/Paul/Buck “too extreme” playbook on Joe Miller.

–Nate Silver updates his Senate projections in his spiffy new digs at the New York Times. Republicans are making gains, but a takeover of the upper chamber is still very unlikely.

–Reid Wilson doesn’t think House GOPers should count their chickens before they hatch. But House Democrats are still worried.

–A new poll of the statewide races in Pennsylvania paints an ugly picture for Keystone Democrats.

–David Broder pines for mavericky McCain.

–Some more Democrats run as foils to Obama/Reid/Pelosi.

–Prop trading lives on.

–Ken Mehlman comes out.

–And Providence local news segment “Coffee With the Candidates” debuts with an interview for the ages:


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