Mid-Morning Reads: Ads

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–Outside spending is up 80 percent from 2006.

–Ben Bernanke inches toward Fed action.

–Jon Ralston calls last night’s Nevada Senate debate for Angle.

–Lisa Murkowski airs her Stevens footage:


–Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin see shades of McCain in Obama’s ever-shifting messaging.

–One common thread between the foreign money charge and Democrats’ most common play on offense this year is just old fashioned nationalism. Ads like this one from Russ Feingold on outsourcing have been ubiquitous:


–Mitch Daniels floats a value-added tax. His vision of it of course is to replace progressive income tax rates with a broad based consumption tax, but that doesn’t mean it can’t and won’t be used against him later.  Want to see how? Michael Bennet is running this ad castigating Ken Buck for suggesting a national sales tax (no mention of the income taxes it would in theory replace):


–Glen Bolger digs into key House and Senate races.

–And attacks ads are much better in Canada:



What did I miss?

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