Morning Must Reads: Split

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President Obama delivers remarks at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 33rd Annual Awards Gala in Washington September 15, 2010. (Photo by REUTERS/Jim Young)

–Obama splits the baby on the Elizabeth Warren appointment, naming her a special adviser sans Senate confirmation and rankling the Harvard prof’s boosters and detractors in the process.

–A new poll from The New York Times and CBS News offers a mixed bag for both parties.

–Senator Boxer hammers Fiorina over her business past in a new ad. It’s the topic of choice for California Democrats this year.


–Jerry Brown unveils his budget plan the fiscally defective state.

Scherer tests the Tea and Crowley follows the money in this week’s newsstand issue of TIME. Drop us a line and we’ll mail you one.

Reihan Salam mediates David Brooks vs. Paul Ryan.

–Tim Geithner is taking a harder line on Chinese currency.

–Frad Kaplan considers the Afghan corruption conundrum:

Here’s the dilemma: Crack down on Karzai too hard, and he’ll scream, storm off, and issue threats under fear that his sovereignty is being threatened. But go too easy on Karzai, let him solve the problem in his own way at his own pace, and his regime will look even more unaccountable and illegitimate.

–Mahmoud Abbas sounds a hopeful note on the ongoing Mideast peace talks.

–A doctored photo in Egypt reveals how the negotiators are all consumed with how things play back home.

–And Harry Reid often seems to find just the wrong thing to say.

What did I miss?

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