Morning Must Reads: At His Word

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–The White House thinks direct Israeli-Palestinian talks are a good way to undermine Hamas.

–Ethan Bronner sees skeptical observers and an air of resignation on both sides.

–Settlements remain a potential sticking point.

–Just back from Afghanistan, John Kerry sounds optimistic about chances for political reconciliation with the Taliban.

–Lindsey Graham now thinks beginning withdrawal in July 2011 is realistic.

–Rick Lazio tries to rejuvenate his campaign by talking Islam and controversy. It’s not the first time.

–Mark Halperin writes Democrats are comprising chances for entitlement reform by wielding Social Security as a cudgel in the midterms.

–Despite becoming politically stigmatized, TARP keeps getting cheaper.

–The RNC slow motion train wreck, fundraising edition. The DNC and NRCC did well in July.

–Harry Reid and Sharron Angle will debate.

–Blago is ready for round two.

–Mitch McConnell says he’s Christian; I take him at his word.

–And George Allen gets in touch with his Hebraic heritage.

What did I miss?

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