Harry Reid

The Senate Does the Kabuki

I took an informal poll of Senate staffers from both sides of the aisle today. What do you think will get done by the time the Senate adjourns the end of next week? 99% of the answers: Um, Kagan?

The Senate is about to vote on the DISCLOSURE Act, the Democratic response to the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United, it’ll fail. …

Update on the Energy Bill

The best thing about retiring members: their honesty. Reporters yesterday asked Senator George Voinovich of Ohio, one of the few key GOP votes Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to lure on to his energy bill, what he thought of Reid’s proposal. Voinovich didn’t pull any punches and his answer pretty much sums up the odds of …

Morning Must Reads: It’s All in the Wrist

–It’s the question of the moment and Crowley captures the White House’s delicate balancing act well in this week’s cover story for dead tree TIME:

Is the U.S. on a firm path to recovery — one that just needs more time to play out? Or are we trapped in the doldrums, perhaps en route to a lost decade like the one Japan had in the

When Fame Becomes A Weapon

Many people, myself included, have written about why 2010 isn’t exactly like 1994. Here is another reason: people actually know who Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are, and not in a good way.

Back in 1994, who knew anything about House Speaker Tom Foley or Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell? Voters certainly didn’t. But in the age …

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