Morning Must Reads: Education

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White House

–President Obama is set to deliver a speech on education policy at the National Urban League’s 100th Anniversary Convention today. He will reportedly call for teacher pay to be pegged to performance, a serious bone of contention with unions.

–Harry Reid’s re-election campaign is getting defensive after Nevada lost out on federal “Race to the Top” education funding, quickly trying to shift blame to Governor Gibbons.

–He’s cut another pretty strong ad in keeping with the “no one can do more” efficacy theme, this time highlighting teaching jobs.


–This week’s newsstand version of TIME has an arresting cover image accompanied by an equally gripping story on Afghan women and the Taliban. You can read an abridged version here, subscribe here or download the iPad version here.

–The Dodd-Frank financial regulatory law reportedly includes a provision preventing certain Freedom of Information Act requests at the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC is expected to interpret the language broadly, severely limiting transparency at the organization. Republican Rep./indefatigable bloodhound Darrell Issa is on the case.

–Marc Ambinder parses Mitt Romney’s START opposition gambit.

–Nate Silver enthusiastically skewers a thoroughly-spun DCCC memo, unveiling a new “Pennometer” scale for wrongness in polling.

–A new Quinnipiac survey finds self-funders Rick Scott and Jeff Greene ascendant in Florida.

–And Obama does “The View.”

What did I miss?

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