Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Makes Light of 2016 Speculation

In her keynote address at the TIME 100 gala Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton gave a sliver of hope to the folks who hope to see her run for President again. In introducing the Secretary of State, TIME managing editor Rick Stengel joked that she’s now so popular that she could be elected president in any country she visits.

“Thank …

The Hillary 2016 Virus

There’s surely a limit to what a couple of viral photos can tell you about political realities. But it does feel like a lot of people — not least pro-Obama Democrats — find Hillary Clinton more likable and appealing than ever. And it’s worth pausing a moment to consider how far the woman has come. Remember the end of her 2008 …

Hillary Clinton Punctures The WikiLeaks Myth

In their preface to the latest document release, the good people of WikiLeaks presented themselves as modern day muckrakers, striking a blow against the rotten hypocrisy of America’s diplomatic establishment.

This document release reveals the contradictions between the US’s public persona and what it says behind closed doors – and

Morning Must Reads: Unsure

President Obama waves after arriving at Halim Perdanakusuma airport in Jakarta November 9, 2010. (Reuters)

–The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is having some problems finding someone willing to take the reins from Bob Menendez. It’s understandable; 23 Dems from the upper chamber are on the block next cycle and a number …

Hillary’s Moment

TIME’s Massimo Calabresi files this report:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations today laying out the case for America’s continued authority in the world. “The complexities and connections of today’s world have yielded a new American moment,” Clinton said, uncorking the speech’s …

Hillary Clinton: The Political Weapon Obama Can’t Use

A smart Democratic operative fretting about the midterm elections made an interesting point to me today: How valuable might Hillary Clinton have been to the Obama White House as a campaign surrogate this year if she were still in the Senate and not at Foggy Bottom? My friend argues that Clinton could have saved Arlen Specter in …

Bill Clinton to the Rescue?

On the heels of his successful campaigning for Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, helping her return from the dead to eke out a primary victory earlier this month, Bill Clinton has become very popular. The former president has over a hundred requests from congressional candidates on his desk. He’s especially in demand in the South and …

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