Morning Must Reads: Q&A

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–Despite remaining schisms over the preferred end game, Democrats are ready to hold votes on extending only the Bush tax cuts for those making $250k or less.

–Still searching for a brave soul to take over the DSCC, Harry Reid and White House court Patty Murray.

–Overtures ongoing, Jon Kyl still sees “no chance” of lame duck ratification for START. There are still deals to be cut.

Jack Lew has been confirmed as White House budget director.

What the public knows:

–Ben Bernanke, wading deeper into political waters, not only gives a full-throated defense of QE2, but endorses short-term fiscal stimulus.

–Josh Barro is not impressed with Americans For Tax Reform’s deficit plan.

–Mitt Romney eyes a streamlined presidential bid.

–The New York Times profiles Cathie Black, New York City’s new schools chancellor.

–And Joe Biden wants the chili (and other anecdotes from an amusing Q&A with GQ.)

What did I miss?

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