Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Can Dance

Never mind the creepy Kenyan guy trying to marry daughter Chelsea, the Secretary of State has some moves. (At 25 sec.)


Lewis Finally Makes Up His Mind

He’s for Clinton. He’s for Obama. He’s for Clinton. He’s not saying. And, wait, yup, he’s for Obama.

John Lewis FINALLY makes up his mind, telling the Atlanta Constitution Journal that neither Clinton nor Obama are returning his calls at this point.

“I did it because I felt I had to support Mrs. Clinton because of our friendship,”

Ickes’ Sticky Memory

At a Washington DC breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor this morning reporters did their utmost to get Clinton senior advisor Harold Ickes to admit the campaign has failed to meet even their own goals laid out in near daily conference calls since Super Tuesday.* Ickes played the expectations game like a maestro.

One …

Obama v. McCain

Obama this morning held a press conference with reporters in Los Angeles where he made it clear that he believes that the increasingly likely candidacy of Senator John McCain in the GOP race will help Obama win the Democratic contest. Obama made his case on two fronts. First, that his early opposition to the war in Iraq is much more …

Hillary Giving Up on the Palmetto State?

Hilary will skip South Carolina most of the week, according to this nice scoop from the New York Observer, in order to campaign in California, Arizona, New Mexico, New Jersey and New York, all February 5th states.

The campaign isn’t totally abandoning the South Carolina, apparently Bill and Chelsea will be here tomorrow. But, clearly, …

Obama Campaign Defends “Present” Abortion Votes

In an unusual pre-emptive conference call with reporters the Obama campaign today defended his series of “present” votes on abortion measures in the Illinois State Senate.
The votes were actually part of a strategy developed by Planned Parenthood to stop Republican attacks on pro-choice candidates. “We had a very astute and devious …

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