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Morning Must Reads: Rolling

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

–Rand Paul was on ABC’s “Good Morning America” this morning to run a bit of damage control. It was kind of brutal. He standoffishly dodged the civil rights questions before shifting to a defense of BP and a critique of the minimum wage. Again, the merits of his small government philosophy …

Inside the Passage of Health Care Reform

Jonathan Cohn may be the smartest, most well-sourced health care writer in the country. When I was first assigned to the health care beat in early 2009, his book Sick was among my required reading.

Today, he unveils the first in a series of five pieces that explain how the White House and congressional Democrats passed health care …

Rival Brothers

Britain has a new Prime Minister, Conservative David Cameron, and it may be years until the Labour Party gains back power, but that doesn’t make the struggle to replace Gordon Brown at its helm any less interesting, especially when that struggle is between two brothers: David and Ed Miliband. TIME’s London Bureau Chief Catherine Mayer

Morning Must Reads: TGIF

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

–So health care is done for now. Congress is running off on recess and President Obama is headed to Camp David for the weekend. Everyone could probably use a rest.

–Majority Leader Reid, caught up in the moment, accidentally voted “no” on health care (again) yesterday before …

Bill Clinton Talks Health Care Lessons with Senate Dems

Former President Bill Clinton was the guest at the Senate Democrats’ weekly policy lunch. The subject: health care. Taking responsibility for the collapse of his attempt to pass health care reform in 1994, Clinton urged the caucus not to waste this opportunity. “I do think it’s good politics to pass this and pass it as soon as you …

Bill Clinton Lobbies the Senate for Health Reform

Jay Newton-Small is preparing a fuller account, but you can hear the audio of his Q and A with reporters here:

(Our audio wizard Caitlin Thompson thinks we should award bonus points to the first Swampland commenter who can identify Hillary’s ringtone on his cell phone.)

UPDATE: Here’s a clip that zeroes in on that mystery ringtone:

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