Morning Must Reads

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–Robert Gibbs insists today’s health care summit won’t be “kabuki theater.” Biden goes off message and says it might.

–Mike Allen has an excerpt of Pelosi’s opening remarks.

–Mark Blumenthal reminds us that not too many people actually watch these things.

–It looks like Michael Bennet’s public option letter may have panned out for him. He’s won the SEIU’s endorsement and some liberal cred for his primary challenge in Colorado.

–As Karen mentioned, the New York Times got their Paterson bombshell. A few wrinkles: The potential misconduct detailed in the piece appears to stem from the governor’s reaction to the initial Times story on David Johnson. And the investigation Paterson has called for would be conducted by AG Andrew Cuomo’s office; Cuomo is expected to challenge (and defeat) Paterson in the upcoming gubernatorial primary.

Ben Smith reports this might well be the end for Paterson.

Marc Ambinder dubs Jim DeMint the 2012 dark horse.

Derek Thompson isn’t very impressed by that jobs bill.

–Secretary of State Clinton says all the wrangling over domestic issues is hurting American foreign policy interests.

–Obama veteran Anita Dunn advises the Tories.

–And finally, here’s something to get you pumped for today’s summit (Warning: Bleeped words.)

What did I miss?