Morning Must Reads: Whispers

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–President Karzai is reportedly talking reconciliation with the Taliban.

Nepotism reigns in Afghanistan.

–Mark McKinnon doubts the whispers of a last-minute Democratic revival before the midterms.

Rich Lowry is very optimistic about the new crop of Republicans likely headed to Washington in November. Philip Klein not so much.

–Joe Manchin finds an appropriate wedge with the Obama administration.

–The NRSC hopes to cast every Senator as the deciding vote for the president’s agenda. It’s Michael Bennet’s turn:


–Andrew Romanoff lands on his feet.

–Todd Palin lives up to his reputation as enforcer.

The great Biden-Clinton switcheroo is the rumor that just won’t die. I have never seen an iota of serious reporting that suggests this is in any realm of consideration.

–Vegetables: Mark Blumenthal explains likely voter models.

–Side dish: Who’s suing whom in Big Telecom.

–Dessert: Rand Paul employs a tad too Southern sounding Obama impersonator:


What did i miss?

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