Morning Must Reads: Talk

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–Direct Israeli-Palestinian talks begin today at the State Department.

–Ethan Bronner writes Bibi has the power to deal.

–Ben Smith thinks the whole affair has a fly-by-the-seat-of-their pants feel to it and that yesterday’s pre-game posturing went well for the White House.

–Scherer dives deep into Obama’s flagging poll numbers and emerges with a thoughtful piece in this week’s newsstand edition of TIME. We can mail it to you if you like.

–Democrats gazing into prognosticator Larry Sabato’s crystal ball won’t like what they see. Likely voter models may bring more gloom.

–It turns out the best antidote to illegal immigration is having a miserable recession. Let’s try something different next time.

–Christina Romer departed the White House yesterday with a Keynesian flourish, defending her legacy — the stimulus — and calling for more of it in a speech to the National Press Club.

Jonathan Cohn and Josh Green play “what if.”

–If you have any interest in relitigating the Lehman collapse (the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission did yesterday), follow along with Steve Gandel.

–The TARP is so unpopular politicians are traveling back in time to vote against it.

–And Tim Pawlenty, who has long struggled to up his national profile, makes it to the (crossword) big leagues.

What did I miss? (Besides yesterday’s morning round-up — my apologies.)

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