Morning Must Reads: Unsure

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President Obama waves after arriving at Halim Perdanakusuma airport in Jakarta November 9, 2010. (Reuters)

–The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is having some problems finding someone willing to take the reins from Bob Menendez. It’s understandable; 23 Dems from the upper chamber are on the block next cycle and a number of them are from red or purple states like Nebraska, Montana, Virginia, Missouri and West Virginia.

–Jim Webb isn’t even sure he’ll run for re-election.

–Joe Manchin is at least sure he won’t switch parties.

–How the count is going down in Alaska.

–Chris Christie is more popular than Obama in New Jersey. He stayed in some fancy hotels as a U.S. attorney.

–David Axelrod is open to the outside groups he and the Obama campaign once eschewed.

–Obama does Muslim outreach in Jakarta.

–A judge puts the kibosh on that whole sharia ban thing in Oklahoma.

–Andrew Sullivan highlights two arguments on whether the midterms were a referendum on Democratic policies.

–Michael Gerson considers how the Republican tide will lap up against foreign policy.

–Vegetables: Martin Wolf on why a return to the gold standard wouldn’t work.

–Side dish: Civilization came from beer, not the other way around.

–Dessert: Hillary Clinton has a few laughs with Australian radio duo Hamish and Andy.

What did I miss?

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