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More Entries in the Amazon Primary?

Over at the Racing Form, we’ve been keeping track of how ’08 hopefuls are doing in the bookselling department. Though Barack Obama is in the top ten currently with both a paperback and hardcover, this cycle’s race has an unprecedented number of best-selling authors — and would even if only Hillary were running (she’s written six). But …

The Rahm Primary

I a fan of Rahm Emanuel. I don’t care if he’s an “Alpha Democrat” or an asshole (perhaps redundant?), I just love him. Mostly because he curses more than I do, also because he has a worse temper. I love that he has never taken his own best advice: “as influence grows, so should humility.” And I want to cover the campaign of whoever …

Re: Disgusting

The humorless but dedicated folks at Media Matters have been on this scurrilous Obama-the-Bomber story for days, but I’m sad to say that this is one instance in which they seem quite right about the truth still getting its boots on while the lie does the herky-jerky during the credits of “24.”

What’s especially brilliant about this …

Insert Bombing Pun Here

After a mixed reception to Stephen Colbert’s performance at the WHCA dinner last year, the association is giving new meaning to the word “safe” by choosing as its entertainment this year one “Rich Little.” First, apparently he is still alive. Who knew? But he’s not alive enough to cause anything more than a titter. He apparently was …

CBS Journalist Reveals Startling Powers of Observation

Katie Couric breaks news:

As I was looking at my colleagues around the room — Charlie Gibson, George Stephanopoulos, Brian Williams, Tim Russert, Bob Schieffer, Wolf Blitzer, and Brit Hume — I couldn’t help but notice, despite how far we’ve come, that I was still the only woman there.

And people thought she wasn’t a real reporter!

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Slate’s John Dickerson has been attending the Scooter Libby trial’s jury selection, and is bringing surprising life to a court case that most people — apparently those covering it as well — assume is over already:

We looked like the most boring patrons of the most boring sports bar in the world, deciphering the action on the screen

Connecticut for Lieberman, a Party of Two

So much for the spirit of bipartisanship:

With the knowledge that neither Mr. Lieberman nor his supporters planned to take the reins, one of Mr. Lieberman’s loudest critics, John Orman, filed papers after the election with the secretary of state declaring himself chairman of the party. His rules stated that anyone who shared a name with

Color TK

That Hillary press conference was most notable not for what HRC said — she’d gone over much of it on the Today show this morning — but for the amount of attention that was paid to it. As Karen suggested yesterday, the room was way too small for the number of journalists hoping that Hillary would either announce support for an immediate …

Re: Upping the Ante

Karen asked:

What did Hillary Clinton mean at her news conference just now, when she said that she would vote for the non-binding resolution opposing the President’s surge/augmentation/escalation policy, but that Congress “will eventually have to move to tougher requirements on the Administration to get their attention”?

I can tell you …

Rush 24/7

First a confession: Last summer, in a fit of journalistic responsibility, I bought the first season of “24” on DVD. I think I made it through one episode before deciding that for nail-biting drama I prefer “America’s Next Top Model,” which, one could argue, is also a fictional exploration of the American political and justice system.

In …

Hello? Hel-lo? Hell-oooooo? HELLLLOOO?

Guess I’m not the only one who sleeps late around here.

Who’s gonna come with me to the big Hillary presser? Huh? Anyone?

P.S. The title of this post refers to the cliche of mostly 1940s-50s noir films in which the heroine/femme fatale at some point picks up a phone to call for help/alert her lover and is faced with a dead line (it …

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