Rush 24/7

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First a confession: Last summer, in a fit of journalistic responsibility, I bought the first season of “24” on DVD. I think I made it through one episode before deciding that for nail-biting drama I prefer “America’s Next Top Model,” which, one could argue, is also a fictional exploration of the American political and justice system.

In any case, apparently the show is in the news again over its latest plot line: the explosion of a nuclear bomb outside Los Angeles. Some conservatives are arguing (and some liberals are worried) that this reminder of the threat posed by terrorists (It could happen here!) may help Bush in his attempt to reinvigorate the American public’s appetite for the war. Of course. Also, “Heroes” has totally pushed swing voters in favor of stem cell research.

Speaking of which, Rush Limbaugh — one conservative doubtful about the show’s ability to shift public opinion — had this to say about Swampland friend Mike Feldman, opining on “24” for Norah O’Donnell:

Some red freckle-faced kid whose parents would not have had him had been proper testing, because who wants a redheaded freckle-faced kid these days when you can put designer babies together, so he’s lucky to be alive.

As a redheaded freckle-face myself, just let me say, thanks mom and dad, I do feel lucky to be alive.