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So Long, Farewell, However You Spell Auf Wiedersehn

You may have noticed I haven’t been around much lately. I’m popping my head in to let you know that will continue to be the case: Swampland is a mature news blog now and quite clearly doesn’t need the care and feeding of a designated proprietor.

I’ve enjoyed working with all of my fellow bloggers, and learned a lot from them. I …

Palins on Parade

I think my favorite part of this morning’s interview was when Palin justified her desire to “introduce” McCain with her intention to “brag him up” — a phrase that sounds dirty as well as vaguely violent. But this aside might have done more damage: “it would do what John McCain just can’t seem to do for himself — bless his heart;” if …

Prop 8

Georgia and Minnesota aren’t the only places where Election Day didn’t end at midnight. Though a majority of voters embraced California’s Proposition 8, banning gay marriage, a vocal minority is trying to carry on the fight. So far, this mainly consists of protesting at the major churches that supported the initiative. Such spontaneous …

Bringing Out the Big Guns

Am told by a Dem operative working on the Georgia congressional race recount that the GOP is so serious about trying to preserve Chambliss’s seat they’re bringing in Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney. Because that worked out so well last time.

Voter Turn Out is Bad Business

Even if it’s good civics. Record voter turn out is going to eat a hole in the bottom lines of these businesses, who have offered various inducements to those who can show they exercised their franchise. As it were. If anyone knows of any other similar program, please let me know. America was founded on the idea of getting cool stuff in …

Polling Reports: Gulp

Feel free to put your own polling experiences in the comments — I’ll be watching for especially interesting/entertaining/moving/troubling ones — but for now, remember: It’s up to you to keep the whole world watching: and the Twitter Vote Report offer a whole new level of transparent democracy.

Noted: McCain voted with …

KO Fights Back, UPDATED.

Told that the McCain people deny any changes to Palin’s script, Olbermann took some relish with his response:

From: Keith Olbermann
Subject: Re: On the old record
Date: November 3, 2008 11:26:38 AM EST

Your first commenter has it right on about Palin changing lines. I have (drum roll please) evidence of the line

McCain Campaign Loves the Media — for a Moment

True, observers (including Karen!) seem to agree that McCain performed well on SNL the other night, but what really tickled the McCain campaign wasn’t the senator’s comic stylings, but rather this devestating Keith Olbermann parody, that is in fact best summed up by the show’s one line description: “Keith Olbermann is indignant and his …

Tweet the Vote!

You’ve probably heard a lot about possible voter fraud on Tuesday, as there as been a lot of potential for voter fraud. But few (including the Rs, who are MORE CONCERNED THAN EVER) seem inclined to tell voters how, exactly, to do something about it. It is, unfortunately, a little more complicated than yelling and pointing. Stepping up to …

Nineteen Is the Loneliest Number

The Washington Post profiled prolific press correspondent (as in, someone who corresponds with the press) Mark Salter today, shedding a little bit of light on the grumpiest of the McCain campaign’s seven dwarves. Salter, for all his guff and frequent invocation of expletives, remains a favorite of those covering the campaign. This is in …

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