Voter Turn Out is Bad Business

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Even if it’s good civics. Record voter turn out is going to eat a hole in the bottom lines of these businesses, who have offered various inducements to those who can show they exercised their franchise. As it were. If anyone knows of any other similar program, please let me know. America was founded on the idea of getting cool stuff in return for as little effort as possible. And then it was screwed up a little by making voting really difficult for some. We’re getting back to some kind of equilibrium, and I am certain that donuts help.

Plumbing the Homer vote: Krispy Kreme

Too bad they called Vermont already, or maybe that’s the point: Ben and Jerry’s

Rock the Vote will just take your word for it. On the other hand, you might have to listen to Maroon 5. Surely, John McCain will want to re-think his stance on torture over this.

Starbucks isn’t even asking.

And I thought both sides wanted to put an end to “self-dealing.”