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Palin-The Plumber in 2012! Maybe.

ABC has backed off the scoop Karen flags below, or at least changed their headline, dropping the reference to 2012 in favor of simply, “Not Doing This For Naught,” which seems a far less, uhm, interpretive reading of her actual answer. ABC’s willingness to play up even the possibility that Palin is just maybe toying with a run in four …

McCain has a Plumber; Obama has an Army

Or, rather, an Air Force pilot:

The convention in Denver was Mr. Finan’s introduction to big-time politics, and he quickly found himself doing broadcast interviews for the first time.

Between events he and about 25 other Iraq and Afghanistan veterans became like a small platoon.

They slept on supporters’ floors. They hung out.

Random: Bark Worse Than Her Bite

Not safe for work commentary on the state of the economy. [Consumerist]

Saltergrams get shorter: “100% BS. McCain likes her. He is as convivial as he can be every time she’s with us. I’ve been there every occasion. Every single one. There hasn’t been a second of tension btwn them. So, on the bus or not, they’re lying to u.” [Home

What Next?

A lot talk lately about what happens to the GOP post-election — no matter who wins. I was talking to a GOP strategist yesterday who noted that, for the past eight years, “You walked into the RNC and it made sense–George Bush was the head of the party, and everyone there was working for him. All those ‘dear leader’ pictures of Bush made …

McCain Campaign Says Your Health Care Plan Is Better Than Theirs


CNN Money: Election: Your health insurance at stakeYounger, healthier workers likely wouldn’t abandon their company-sponsored plans, said Douglas Holtz-Eakin, McCain’s senior economic policy adviser. Why would they leave?” said Holtz-Eakin. “What they are getting from their employer is way better than what they could get

Tito, My Tito

Obviously, the big draw in Leesburg this morning was Tito the Builder, aka Tito Munoz, aka defended of Joe the Plumber. If you had ever wanted to hear a crowd of Northern Virginian White People chant “Tito! Tito! Tito!” who weren’t looking for a Jackson brother encore, well, you missed your chance. But I managed to grab a few minutes …

Tito and the Gang

A question on the lips of many campaigns watchers this weekend: “McCain is on a ‘Joe the Plumber Tour.’ Why is Joe the Plumber not with him?”

From reporters’ lips to McCain’s ears — or someone’s. Today in Leesberg, who introduced Sarah Palin but another “-o” the Job Description: Tito the Builder.

Joe need not worry about another …

A Maverick in Rouge

To Karen’s suggestion that Sarah Palin might be hacking her own path across the wilderness, I direct readers to this note sent to Marc Ambinder from Randy Scheunemann, regarding Palin’s mavericky maverickiness:

Just read your post. This is on the record. This is cleared by HQ. It is a fact that Barack Obama was palling around with

Random: It IS So, Joe!

Re: Palin’s wardrobe: “For all this, the funny part is that there’s really not that much to say.” [Jezebel]

The good news? Michelle Bachmann can devote more time to persuing the real anti-Americans: “The National Republican Congressional Committee has pulled out of Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann’s district.” [Politico]


Random: Scary Harry

“This one, also from the NRA, but against Obama, is even better! It’s about how Obama will allow people to break into your home and stab your children and then make YOU the criminal when you shoot the intruder.” [Radar]

Are you there, Barack? It’s me, Judy. [YA for Obama]

Where, if not how, to vote. [Google]

“If Palin’s

Not the ONLY Behind the Scenes McCain Story You’ll Ever Need

But the only one you’ll have time to read for now.

From Robert Draper’s 8000-word story on the (Re)(Re)(Re) Making of John McCain:

“We had a narrative problem,” Matt McDonald recalls. “Obama had a story line: ‘Bush is the problem. I’m not going to be Bush, and McCain will be.’ Our story line, I argued, had to be that it’s not about

Random: DemoCat Wins!

“With so many permutations and mixed motivations, the Palin saga is starting to feel like a Restoration play. (I hope in the end all the characters come onstage and all is revealed.)” [Slate]

The Jim Webb one requires no carving. [AP]

“The DemoCat wins by 65 percent at the CFA-Iams Cat Championship.” (Hey, makes as much


I’ve been enjoying the spate of “how Obama will govern” pieces because, well, I’m a huge science fiction fan and most of them read like slash stories starring Obama and either William Ayers or Rahm Emmanuel. (You know which one I would rather read.)

My thoughts on these thought experiments after the jump.

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