Random: Bark Worse Than Her Bite

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Not safe for work commentary on the state of the economy. [Consumerist]

Saltergrams get shorter: “100% BS. McCain likes her. He is as convivial as he can be every time she’s with us. I’ve been there every occasion. Every single one. There hasn’t been a second of tension btwn them. So, on the bus or not, they’re lying to u.” [Home Stretch]

To quote JDickerson: Which Obama album did the NYT steal this cover photo from? I’m thinking it’s from the first Quarterstick single. [NYT]

“By the way, before Cashill hit on his theory, I noted some eerie similarities between Dreams of My Father and the Horatio Hornblower novels of C.S. Forester, which also contain nautical references and are written on a high school level, but I gave up my investigation when I realized that Forrester died in 1966 and probably could not have written Obama’s book.” [Jon Swift]

Obama has foreign supporters! Really! And they have a great sense of rhythm. [YouTube]
“We reached Wallace Monday night, enjoying a rare evening at home with her dog, Lily, who also joined the conversation at one point. ‘That’s Lily protecting me from Fred Barnes,’ Wallace explained.” [DB]