The Rahm Primary

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I a fan of Rahm Emanuel. I don’t care if he’s an “Alpha Democrat” or an asshole (perhaps redundant?), I just love him. Mostly because he curses more than I do, also because he has a worse temper. I love that he has never taken his own best advice: “as influence grows, so should humility.” And I want to cover the campaign of whoever manages to snag him, which is apparently up for grabs. The ex-Clinton Chicagoian largely seen as a main force in the 2006 Dem takeover is being wooed by both Hillary and Obama:

Torn by conflicting loyalties, Emanuel is ducking. “Maybe the witness protection program,” he joked. “Or maybe I’ll just stop answering the phone.”

Likely story. As I understand it, Rahm likes talking on the phone more than most 14-year-old girls. (He has only called me once, but that is probably because of the restraining order.) But I suspect that I might be waiting a long time to figure out which campaign I want to cover. Hopefully, I won’t have to choose…