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Tonight’s Must-See TV

According to ABC: “On Nightline at 11:35 pm ET, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) will offer his reaction to the President’s speech.”

For ’08-watchers, there’s as much — or more — riding on that appearance as there is on the President’s prime-time address. Namely, whether Sen. Obama will deliver the response topless or wearing a Bears cap.

Amusing Themselves to Death

Hugh Hewitt clarifies what the Bush Administration means by “surge”, suggesting of the new Apple “iPhone”:

Apple Inc and Its iPhone
. . .

The military should order a million of them and give them away to the young men of Baghdad, fully programmed with music, video and games.

I think this is brilliant. Forget more troops: MORE GADGETS!

Public Service Announcement

In addition to other warnings — “may cause drowsiness,” “do not operate machinery,” etc. — the makers of Sudafed should consider letting cold sufferers know that drug will cause you to pick fights with Joe Klein.

Heart Pelt

I am told that the presidential pecs contest (begun by Barack Obama against Wolverine) has another contender. Sources say that Romney — whatever he lacks in “issues” department — has a fine chest of hair.

Asked for confirmation, an adviser close to the Romney camp would only say:

OUT: Manscaping

IN: Mittscaping

The Urge to Surge

Joe says:

Just because they’re right about Iraq, and about this escalation, it doesn’t mean they won’t be blamed by the public if the result of an American withdrawal is lethal chaos in the region and $200 per barrel oil.

Let me try to think this through: You think polling about things like the war is “notoriously unreliable,” but

These Colors Don’t Run…

There’s been a lot of discussion (here and elsewhere) about how Congress will “handle” Bush’s plan for a surge/escalation in Iraq, especially given the unpopularity of the scheme among the public at large (only 31 percent like it). Pundits like Joe “Cranky” Klein (love you, Joe!), seem to argue that Democrats who are against escalation …

The Note Uses Its Inside Voice

I think the Note has finally found its intellectual level:

A is for al Qaeda, which remains the problem (still).

B is for Bush, the biggest speech of his life (again).

C is for “cut and run,” which one doesn’t hear much any more.

D is for David Rogers, Dow Jonesing for Rep. Murtha’s secret plan to end the war.

E is for endgame,


It’s a political truism that if you turn up the volume loud enough, the extremes of the left and right sound almost exactly alike. I am reminded of this weekly, when I get updates from both the conservative media watchers at the Media Research Center and the liberal watchdogs at Media Matters. This past week, Media Matters exercised the …

Again with the Left Behind

As Jay points out, whether or not the “serious” supporters of a surge/escalation will walk away from a half-measure — a surge that is either short or small — will be the true test of seriousness. McCain’s recent history (cough torture compromise cough) suggests that for all his sober talk now, he could wind up “reluctantly agreeing to …

The Dog Ate My Vote Work

Drudge has already had some fun today with the 110th Congress’s inability to keep even banker’s hours.

Co-blogger Karen Tumulty reports from the Hill that it’s not just the representatives (or, as some like to call them, “interns”) that are playing hooky during their first week of school. Only 88 senators managed to make it to the floor …

Re: Left Behind

Joe Klein, cranky? Alert the media!

While I don’t feel like I’ve personally done enough homework to have a respect-worthy opinion on the idea of a surge, the theatrics of this debate are playing out at a level I’m very comfortable with: the lowest one. I left out a critique of Joe Lieberman’s presentation in my post on the Iraq surge …

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