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It’s a political truism that if you turn up the volume loud enough, the extremes of the left and right sound almost exactly alike. I am reminded of this weekly, when I get updates from both the conservative media watchers at the Media Research Center and the liberal watchdogs at Media Matters. This past week, Media Matters exercised the prerogative of conspiracy theorists everywhere: There is no such thing as an accident. Discovering two (two!) MSM outlets that had “mistakenly” ID’d Barack Obama as Osama bin Laden or vice-versa, Media Matters pointed out:

That’s not a mistake that results from the physical proximity of two keys on a keyboard. That’s a mistake that arises because people have come to associate “Obama” and “Osama.” And if professional staffers of news organizations have come to do so, isn’t it obvious that the link has been made in the subconscious of some voters as well?

Isn’t it obvious, indeed.

I look forward to the MRC’s parallel explication of what intrigue explains this “typo” I grabbed off of Yahoo News this afternoon: mitliani.jpg

As they’ve taught me to say in Mainstream Media re-education camp: Mwhaaahaaaaa! Mwuhaaahaaaa! — Ana Marie Cox