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Why Generation

I’m pleased that Joe has officially given up the Boomer’s claim on Obama. Can we now also have back civil rights, feminism, Bob Dylan, and the “good” years of Saturday Night Live?

You can keep John Kerry.

Not completely unrelated, and speaking to Jay’s point about the apparent arbitrariness of generational markers: Has anyone else …

All the Air in the Room

Surprising no one: Hillary’s presser today — thought by some to be a prelude to renouncing her support for the invasion of Iraq — has been canceled, presumably to avoid a news cycle show-down between the long-reigning frontrunner and a certain junior senator from Illinois.

UPDATE: Staffers have put the word out that the press …

A Dog in This Fight (Formerly: Womb Wars)

Comments here and elsewhere have criticized our highlighting the exchange between Condi Rice and Barbara Boxer as either sexist or as a distraction from the “real debate,” i.e., the war itself (and its probable expansion). I’ll grant that “womb wars” was probably not the most accurate description of the issue that’s at stake here; namely, …

Nerd Patrol

Today’s WSJ brings an important clarification on Nancy Pelosi’s newly instituted ban on smoking near the floor of the House, which Representatives had been permitted to do, despite a District-wide ban on smoking in the workplace:

But Congress often exempts itself from the law. Unlike most other employees, members of Congress are exempt

LIVEBLOGGING: The Surge Speech

9:01 PM: Stumble on the first sentence. He didn’t even get to the “pulling the statue down” segment.

9:02 PM: LOOK! There are books behind him. I sense an air of … smartness…

9:03 PM: “Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me”? Where? Like, somewhere else in addition to Iraq?

9:04 PM: First mention, …

“Audacious Shake of the Dice”

As we prepare to hear the, what, fifth (?) announcement of a “plan for victory” in Iraq since “Mission Accomplished”, it’s instructive to wander down Memory Lane and visit the hollow reams of punditry that helped convince the American people that the war was a good idea. Particularly appalling are those arguments that seems based solely …

I Always Lie. I Am Lying to You Now.

One of those slick reporter types tried to trip up a Senior Administration Official this afternoon by pointing out that, you know, “nothing short of victory” (past Bush assertion) is not exactly compatible with “our commitment is not open-ended” (current Bush assertion). And, of course, there’s this:

Can you tell us whether the

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