All the Air in the Room

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Surprising no one: Hillary’s presser today — thought by some to be a prelude to renouncing her support for the invasion of Iraq — has been canceled, presumably to avoid a news cycle show-down between the long-reigning frontrunner and a certain junior senator from Illinois.

UPDATE: Staffers have put the word out that the press conference was canceled because Clinton’s delegation (part of a congressional tour of Iraq) was “unexpectedly” delayed in Germany. I imagine this delay will last through the evening news tonight but perhaps not all the way through the morning shows tomorrow.

UPDATE: Clinton and Bayh’s offices — two-thirds of the delegation that visited Iraq — have said that the press conference has been rescheduled to accommodate Rep. John McHugh, the last third of the delegation and the member who found himself holding the short weiner schnitzel on the ground in Germany. Clinton’s office says they were aware of the need to reschedule as early as yesterday, but what with the federal holiday and everyone traveling, well, it’s just an unfortunate coincidence that it looks as though they’re frightened of the charismatic black man.