Connecticut for Lieberman, a Party of Two

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So much for the spirit of bipartisanship:

With the knowledge that neither Mr. Lieberman nor his supporters planned to take the reins, one of Mr. Lieberman’s loudest critics, John Orman, filed papers after the election with the secretary of state declaring himself chairman of the party. His rules stated that anyone who shared a name with Mr. Lieberman or disagreed with him could join. . .

But a supporter of Mr. Lieberman’s, Stuart R. Korchin, was furious to learn that Mr. Orman was hijacking the party. . . Mr. Korchin, in a personal protest over the results of the Democratic primary, changed his party registration on Aug. 9 to Connecticut for Lieberman.

“I was unaware that you wished to join,” Mr. Korchin wrote. “Please contact me if you are interested in helping to organize the party. I’m sure someone with your talents will be welcome.”

Can’t wait for the inevitable national convention showdown. I hear that Orman is just a CFLINO (Connecticut for Lieberman in Name Only).