Where Everybody Knows Your Name

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Slate’s John Dickerson has been attending the Scooter Libby trial’s jury selection, and is bringing surprising life to a court case that most people — apparently those covering it as well — assume is over already:

We looked like the most boring patrons of the most boring sports bar in the world, deciphering the action on the screen that had been separated into quarters representing the four camera views in the courtroom.

Dickerson is himself on the witness list for the trial, having been Matt Cooper’s partner on the White House beat when Cooper scored his “super double secret” leak. Let’s hope his memory is better than that of the potential jurors’:

There was a somewhat grim moment for the Medill School of Journalism when one of its graduates said that while she studied the case in school — including in an ethics class– she didn’t remember much about it.

You’d think Judy Miller would have been disqualified from the jury pool on entirely other grounds.