Libyan Oppo Leader: Trust Us (and Arm Us, Too)

“We need to arm the Libyan people to finish this regime.” That was the assessment of Ali Aujali, a former Libyan Ambassador to the United States who has defected from the Gaddafi regime and now represents the country’s “Transitional National Council.” Appearing today at the Center for American Progress, Aujali pleaded for sustained …

Is Libya All About Iran?


Jeez, I certainly hope not. But David Sanger’s reporting today tells us that at least some in the White House saw it that way:

The mullahs in Tehran, noted Thomas E. Donilon, the national security adviser, were watching Mr. Obama’s every move in the Arab world. They would interpret a failure to back up his declaration that

Israeli and Egyptian Peace Meeting


I’ve now heard from several sources that Israeli and Egyptian diplomats met for the first time since the revolution in Cairo last week–and the Israelis got an earful. “We’re not interested in a peace process,” the Egyptians told them. “We’re interested in a peace settlement.” This is understandable: the new Egyptian government …

What Kind of Crackdown Warrants Humanitarian Intervention?

President Obama argues that the Unites States was compelled to act in Libya because of Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s brutality against civilians in his own country. Speaking in El Salvador on Tuesday, Obama blasted Gaddafi as a brutal dictator who is “threatening his people.” The President said the Unites States acted, in part, to “make …

Morning Must Reads: Anger

–There’s some incredible stuff in this week’s newsstand edition of TIME. Bart Gellman has a truly chilling cover story on “twisted patriotism,” reporting on (among other things) two serious domestic terrorist threats that almost were: A man named James Cummings plotted a dirty bomb attack on D.C. and James Van Brunn, the Holocaust …

Morning Must Reads: Obama Claims a Win

Reuters/Jim Young

–As Jay notes, Obama political arm Organizing for America is trying to take some credit for Bennet’s solid victory last night in Colorado. The message: Just because we couldn’t save Specter or clear the field for Lincoln and Bennet, the White House political operation is not ineffectual.

–Establishment …

Morning Must Reads: Workaround

Reuters/Molly Riley

–Obama plans to use a recess appointment to get Donald Berwick in at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, avoiding what was sure to be a nasty confirmation fight in the Senate. In its spin, the White House makes at least two good points: CMS has been without a permanent chief since 2006 and the Harvard …

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