Morning Must Reads: Tryin’ to Find Some Sun

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-Top Kill is dead and the Administration’s now thinking about sicking the lawyers on BP. BP shares are down 15% in London trading. This morning President Obama meets with BP Oil Spill Commission Co-Chairs, former Florida senator Bob Graham and former EPA administrator William K. Reilly.

-Other oil spill news: MMS approved BP’s Deepwater Horizon license in five minutes flat. And, Bloomberg’s Alison Fitzgerald scoops, in their applications to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP said it could handle a spill ten times the size of Deepwater. Give it a couple of months, the spill may well be ten times bigger.

-Oh, yeah, and today we start hurricane season. Just imagining what a hurricane will do to the oil spill: like pressing puree on a giant oil and vinegar salad dressing with the top of the blender off.

-Mo-Do on Obama-the-annoyed-professor-oil-spill-wasn’t-on-the syllabus:

-TIME’s Tim Padgett on the $350 million sand barrier islands some locals want built in the Gulf.


As Joe notes there’s a lot of fallout from Israeli’s deadly raid on a humanitarian flotilla trying to deliver aid to the Palestinian territories. In addition to the 10 dead, the Jerusalem Post reports another 480 activists are now in Israeli prisons. Israel’s actions met with global protests and prompted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel his visit to the White House this week. But, as Politico’s Ben Smith notes, the U.S. is the only country that thus far is giving Israel the benefit of the doubt.

-A U.S. drone killed al-Qaeda’s No. 3 according to reports. That’s a deadly job to have since we seem to kill al-Qaeda’s No. 3 every few months. If only we could find one and two…

-David Sanger and William Broad of The New York Times report that Iran has fuel for two nuclear weapons.


-Today is primary day in Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico. Of particular interest: Rep. Artur Davis’s faceoff with Agriculture Commission Ron Sparks for Alabama’s governor’s mansion. Also, will Parker Griffith be the next Arlen Specter?

-She’s baaaack. Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina regains the lead in California polls over her primary challenger Tom Campbell.

-Bennett backlash. GOP frontrunner in Utah’s primary learns it’s not wise to tangle with the Mormons in the Beehive State.

-New York Republicans finally pick their gubernatorial candidate this week in a test of GOP NY Chair Ed Cox’s power.

-The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza notes that Ed Case dropped out of the Democratic primary for Hawaii’s First Congressional district, paving the way for Colleen Hanabusa to run against Republican Charles Djou.

In other news:

-Making his first court appearance today: Maj. Nidal Hassan, the accused Fort hood shooter.

-The four new HHS administrators charged with implementing health reform are hired. Will Jon Kingsdale round out the group to head up the division overseeing the insurance exchanges?

-The Boston Globe reports that Scott Brown was against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell before he was for it (or least he won’t filibuster it).

-It may be recess, but apparently Speaker Pelosi’s put the kibosh on fun expensive codels.

-Why maybe I should’ve be a Capitol Police Officer.


-And Guatemala City is collapsing — literally: