Morning Must Reads: Anger

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–There’s some incredible stuff in this week’s newsstand edition of TIME. Bart Gellman has a truly chilling cover story on “twisted patriotism,” reporting on (among other things) two serious domestic terrorist threats that almost were: A man named James Cummings plotted a dirty bomb attack on D.C. and James Van Brunn, the Holocaust Museum shooter, considered targeting White House adviser David Axelrod. Also in the magazine: Crowley has a nice write-up of Meg Whitman’s political profligacy, Joe parses the first Brown-Whitman debate and Jay explains why Lisa Murkowski has a shot at retaining her Senate seat. Feel free to subscribe.

–New York’s Republican gubernatorial candidate threatens to “take out” the Post‘s Fred Dicker.

–Maine’s Republican gubernatorial candidate runs on a platform of telling Obama to “go to hell.”

–California’s Republican gubernatorial candidate may have a housekeeper problem.

–A poll finds Republican Marco Rubio with a very comfortable lead in Florida’s Senate race.

–In the great battle of whom Nevada voters hate less, Harry Reid and Sharron Angle keep things quiet.

Mike Castle won’t spoil Chris Coons’ slam dunk in Delaware.

–The House leans on China over currency.

–The Fed board of governors gets two of its three vacant slots filled in a wave of buzzer-beater Senate confirmations. Peter Diamond remains in limbo.

–Chairman Bernanke will talk up the Dodd-Frank financial re-regulation law today before Congress.

–Vegetables: CBO’s Elmendorf on the Bush tax cuts extension debate.

–Side dish: Malcolm Gladwell on Twitter.

–Dessert: James O’Keefe’s (of ACORN pimp fame) latest plot makes for a story almost too incredible and distasteful to believe.

I was out sick yesterday. What did I miss?

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