Romney’s Message Not Taking Root in Iowa

At first blush, a poll showing Mitt Romney trailing Newt Gingrich among likely Iowa caucus goers shouldn’t be too worrying for the former Massachusetts governor’s campaign. There’s been a steady ebb and flow of chief competitors …

Obama’s Health Reform Popularity Bind, Cntd.

The Kaiser Family Foundation is out with its latest check-up on public opinion of the Affordable Care Act, Democrats’ 2010 health reform overhaul. There hasn’t been a major change in the law’s popularity since last month, but I think two legal developments make revisiting the tracking poll worthwhile. Here’s what we know now know: The …

Barack Obama’s Polling Keeps Getting Worse

Things keep getting worse. Not just for the country, which has endured unrelenting cycles of bad news for a decade now, but for President Obama, whose entire presidency has been defined by negative forces, most of which are beyond his control. A look at the new polls that greet Obama Tuesday morning, and this is the only conclusion to …

The Debt Fight and Public Opinion

Two smart points about how the circus in Washington is being viewed by American voters:


Indeed, pollsters have warned that what’s unique about this crisis is the consequences are so big but the facts also so new to the average American. That’s because Washington has never quite had a debt ceiling fight like this one and

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