In Defense of Romney’s Vagueness

There’s a bit of a panic raging in the conservative commentariat today with twin columns from the Weekly Standard‘s Bill Kristol and the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial board urging Mitt Romney to correct his course. President …

The End of Political Polling

Pack it up. Pack it in. It’s over. Political polling has reached its end point. Thanks to the good people at Public Policy Polling, who thought to ask voters in Michigan if they agreed with Mitt Romney’s claim that the state has trees that are the right height. Drum roll, please.

But that’s just the warmup. Check out the crosstabs:

Obama’s Prospects in Swing States Deteriorated in 2011

Most Americans won’t have the power to choose the next President because they live in states so tilted towards one end of the political spectrum that the election outcome, barring calamity, is not in doubt. Mitt Romney doesn’t really have a chance in California. Barack Obama is not going to win Texas.

What matters instead is a group …

What Will Mitt Romney Talk About if the Economy Gets Better?

For the better part of two years, Mitt Romney has been relentless. “Four years ago, candidate Obama came to Nevada, promising to help,” he said in his victory speech after the Nevada caucuses on Saturday night. “Today, Nevada unemployment is over 12%, home values have plummeted, and Nevada’s foreclosure rate is the highest in the nation …

For Mitt Romney in Florida, It’s All About Character (Attacks)

Pompano Beach, Florida

A political riddle presents itself on the trail with Mitt Romney: Can a true man of character constantly attack the character of another man?

From the first introductions on Sunday, character was presented as the defining, most winning attribute of the former governor: Romney was touted as the candidate whose …

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