Will Obama Bounce Back or Fall Below His Floor?

In early June, shortly after President Obama stumbled in a press conference by saying, “the private sector is doing fine,” his senior White House and campaign aides began an e-mail chain among one another. It listed all the other …

TIME/CNN Poll: Obama Leads Romney in Florida

President Barack Obama has opened a narrow lead in Florida as Republicans gather in Tampa this week to nominate Mitt Romney, according to a new TIME/CNN/ORC poll. The survey also found the two candidates locked in a near tie in …

Are the Bain Attacks Working?

All summer, Barack Obama has blanketed the swing-state airwaves in an attempt to sway the sliver of the electorate still up for grabs. The ad assault has attacked a series of related issues: Mitt Romney’s refusal to release additional tax returns, his offshore bank accounts, his former firm’s record of outsourcing jobs abroad and

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