Must Reads

Morning Must Reads: January 6

In the news: South Sudan, Fallujah, Mark Zuckerberg, the Koch brothers, the War on Poverty, Liz Cheney, legal weed, and Hillary Clinton’s shadow campaign

Morning Must Reads: January 2

In the news: immigration reform, social conservatives’ big money push, legal recreational pot, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, and what’s prettier in print

Morning Must Reads: December 20

In the news: another Obamacare rule scaled back; Iran sanctions; defense bill passes; European Union’s credit rating taken down a notch; Capitol dome and space station need fixing; Duck Dynasty

Morning Must Reads: December 19

In the News: The NSA Report is Another Step Toward Ending War on Terror, the Global Market Response to the Fed, and the Uninsured are Skeptical of Obamacare

Morning Must Reads: December 17

In the news: NSA program called “almost Orwellian” by federal district judge; Obama’s approval rating matches personal worst; small business Obamacare rate hikes; Mexico’s oil rush

Morning Must Reads: December 13

In the news: House passes budget agreement; Farm Bill becomes symbol of “ideological ineptitude”; presidential task force recommends big changes at NSA; Senate hits rock bottom; CIA agent went rogue in Iran and disappeared

Morning Must Reads: December 12

In the news: Obama suspends nonlethal aid to Syrian opposition; House Republican leaders endorse budget deal; Senate grinds to a halt; Wall Street is fed up; Redskins bench RGIII

Morning Must Reads: December 11

In the news: TIME’s 2013 Person of the Year, a budget deal, Syrian war, NSA hacking, the Volcker rule, Obama’s approval rating, and Nelson Mandela

Morning Must Reads: December 10

In the news: Nelson Mandela memorial service, the Volcker rule, defense bill agreement, budget talks, the state of deception, 2014 elections, and women in the Senate

Morning Must Reads: December 9

In the news: Congress’ year-end dash; homeless children in NYC; Hillary Clinton’s legacy as SoS; Senate races; the incredible year of U.S. stocks; Kennedy Center Honors Gala

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