Must Reads

Morning Must Reads: Opening Day

(Jim Young / Reuters)

–Democrats and Republicans have reached a number for budget cuts in 2011, reportedly good for $33 billion. The problems remaining: What to cut, which if any riders will be included and whether Speaker Boehner can get the conservative wing of his caucus on board.

–Mitt Romney, who once operated under the …

Morning Must Reads: Kinetic

A rebel sits in the back of a pick up truck outside Ajdabiya, March 22, 2011. (Patrick Baz / AFP / Getty Images)

–In this week’s TIME: Fareed Zakaria in the cover story on Libya hitting newsstands tomorrow: “You know your strategy is flawed if your problems mount when it succeeds.” Bobby Ghosh and Abigail Hauslohner profile the

Morning Must Reads: Nuanced

(Christopher Morris—VII for TIME)

–Rebels on Libya’s front line:

“I am here to defend Benghazi,” says Muatasim Billah Mohamed, waiting with a crowd of young men on the roadside some 5 km from where the shells are falling. He has gone all the way from Tobruk and has a flag tied around his head like a bandanna, but carries no

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