Morning Must Reads: January 3

In the news: NSA's quantum computer, Obama's Syria policy, a winter blizzard, and Clay Aiken

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  • NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption [WashPost]
    • “A few members of Congress are now saying they believe the government should attempt to work out a deal to return Edward Snowden to the United States.” [BuzzFeed]
  • How Obama’s Syria policy fell apart [Politico]
    • “Months after diplomats declared that they had come up with a plan and a timetable to dispose of Syria’s lethal chemical weapons—and with the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the weapons inspectors—the centerpiece of the mission, a workhorse American military ship that will ferry the weapons to sea for destruction, remains here in port, waiting like a sad bride for her groom.” [NYT]
    • “U.S. officials believe members of Hezbollah, the militant group backed by Iran, are smuggling advanced guided-missile systems into Lebanon from Syria piece by piece to evade a secretive Israeli air campaign designed to stop them.” [WSJ]
  • Winter blizzard blankets Northeast [TIME]
  • Is the U.S. economy really about to go boom? [Politico]
  • Ezra Klein is said to plan to leave the Washington Post [NYT]
  • “Gay singer and ‘American Idol’ runner-up Clay Aiken is actively considering a bid to represent North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district in the U.S. House…” [WashBlade]