Morning Must Reads: December 19

In the News: The NSA Report is Another Step Toward Ending War on Terror, the Global Market Response to the Fed, and the Uninsured are Skeptical of Obamacare

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Mark Wilson / Getty Images

The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

  • The NSA Report: Another Step Toward Ending the War on Terrorism [TIME]
  • “Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that National Security Agency surveillance is necessary to fight terrorism, but added that the government needs to “limit the appetite” of the agency with a clear set of ground rules.” [Fox News]
  • Global Markets Rise After Fed’s Decision to Unwind Stimulus [New York Times]
  • Traders Seek an Edge with High-Tech Snooping [Wall Street Journal]
  • “Federal prosecutors told Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell last week that he and his wife would be charged in connection with a gift scandal, but senior Justice Department officials delayed the decision after the McDonnells’ attorneys made a face-to-face appeal in Washington, according to people familiar with the case.” [Washington Post]
  • POLL: Uninsured Skeptical of New Health Law [NYT]
  • “Nearly five years after George W. Bush left office, half the public still blames the former president for the nation’s economic woes, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll released this week. The survey comes as Republicans have continued to keep the 43rd president at arm’s length.” [Washington Post]
  • Memo to Hillary: “You’re the Problem” [National Journal]
  • RNC Sending Democrats American Flag ‘Lie of the Year’ Trophies That Were Made in China [BuzzFeed]
  • Pajama Boy, An Insufferable Man Child [Politico Magazine]
  • America’s Polygamous Future [WSJ]
  • Republican Unveils Worst School Idea Ever: Make Poor Kids Clean Floors [Salon]
  • The Welfare Queen [Slate]