Come Back, Loud Debate Audiences! All Is Forgiven!

In the first umpteen Republican debates of this primary season, the crowds watching had as much of an active role as the participants, driving the energy of the debates and sometimes the day-after discussion. Whether it was booing a gay soldier or cheering the death penalty or going hog-wild over Newt Gingrich’s lambasting of …

Colbert and Cain Do the Charleston: Which One’s the Comedian?

I’ve never been to Charleston, S.C., but I’m pretty sure that, for this afternoon at least, Randolph Hall at the College of Charleston was located at the intersection of Reality and Satire. There it was that Stephen Colbert and Herman Cain, unlikely ballotfellows, held a funny, serious and seriously funny rally to promote …

The Wall Street Journal Loves Hillary Clinton

The serial self-immolation of Rick Perry and Herman Cain has produced a growing desperation on the right as Republicans face the prospect of the base-smothering candidacy of centrist Mitt Romney. The latest example of the panic is the devotion of the entire five columns above the fold of today’s Wall Street Journal opinion page to an

Murdoch’s Well-Connected Point Man on the News Corp. Hacking Probe

The man tapped by Rupert Murdoch to oversee News Corp.’s internal probe of wrongdoing by the company has some elite qualifications. Viet Dinh went to Harvard and Harvard Law School, clerked for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, served as assistant attorney general early in the Bush administration, co-authored the Patriot Act, and now …

News Corp.’s U.S. Hacking Problem

In March 2004, one of the early investors in the New Jersey in-store advertising firm Floorgraphics sent a confidential fax to News Corp.’s Chief Financial Officer, David DeVoe. The fax contained a long list of alleged anti-competitive practices by News America Marketing, a News Corp. subsidiary and competitor of Floorgraphics. The …

WSJ Op-Ed Page Accidentally Pulls the Islam Alarm

Updated Tuesday 7/26 9:30 a.m.

Before they knew the facts of the terror attacks in Norway last Friday, editors at the Wall Street Journal concluded it was the work of Islamic extremists and whipped off the following kicker paragraph for an editorial that appeared in Saturday’s paper:

In Jihadist eyes [Norway] will forever remain

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