FBI Opens File on NewsCorp, But 9/11 Victim Hacking Allegations Are Thin

The FBI is evaluating allegations that the phones of any victims of the 9/11 attacks or their families were hacked by reporters to see if the charges warrant investigations. “We’re aware of the allegations and we’re looking into the matter,” says Tim Flanelly, a spokesman for the New York field office of the Bureau.

What are they …

Rupert Murdoch and the 9/11 Victims

Everyone needs to slow down with these allegations that Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World hacked into the phones of 9/11 victims.

On Wednesday, New York Republican Pete King sent a letter to FBI chief Robert Mueller “to urge that the FBI immediately commence an investigation of News Corporation pertaining to recent media reports” of …

Will Murdoch’s Woes Cross the Atlantic?

Rupert Murdoch’s troubles are spreading, as more and more of his British news outlets are implicated in the ugly hacking scandal rocking the United Kingdom. How far will that scandal spread and will Murdoch’s American media properties, like Fox News, The Wall Street Journal or the New York Post, be implicated? So far, that looks unlikely.


Below is the Friday cover of New Hampshire’s largest paper, the Union Leader. For the story on Mitt Romney’s official announcement that he’s running for President, you have to turn to page A3.

Donald Trump For Sale On Conservative News Sites

The fact that Donald Trump’s name sells stuff is no surprise. (Trump Steaks, anyone?) But who would have guessed that Trump reentry into politics could have been so immediately commodified by the online press? In fact, coverage of Trump’s political ambitions has quite literally become a money-making opportunity for the right’s online news hubs.

Press Outlets Worry DoD May Restrict Access to KSM’s Gitmo Trial

The pending prosecution of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed means that the United States may convict and execute the alleged architect of the 9-11 attacks. But it is unclear how much the public will know about the evidence against him – or what they will be able to read, hear, or watch about the whole proceedings for that matter – because the …

Did Jon Stewart Turn the Tide on the 911 First Responders Bill?

In his last show of the year, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart took Congress and the media to task for not making the Zadroga bill a priority. Named for James Zadroga, a 911 first responder who died in 2006 of respiratory disease, the bill would create a trust fund to cover the health care costs of surviving police, firemen, emergency …

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