Morning Must Reads: Leaked

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(White House Photo/Pete Souza)

–Ben Smith writes Cablegate calls into question the potency of American diplomacy.

–It’s no revelation that many leaders in the Arab world privately sweat Iran, but Mark Lynch argues the greatest potential for political blowback is in that sphere.

–Matt Yglesias questions whether private communications with those Gulf nations are really illuminating.

–Max Boot thinks the latest round of leaks is, as before, of negligible news value.

–The White House says it fears foreign governments will no longer confide in the U.S.

–The New York Times explains its decision to publish the WikiLeaked documents.

–Congress is back in session.

–Senator Kyl isn’t moving on START.

–Pentagon report or no, Senator Graham says no DADT repeal in the lame duck.

–Jim Talent is “seriously considering” a run at his old Senate seat, currently occupied by Claire McCaskill.

–Eying statewide office, Joseph Cao sidles right.

–Palin keeps things apolitical in Iowa.

–Damian Paletta reports Bowles and Simpson are tweaking their deficit plan in the run-up to the commission’s (symbolic) vote.

–A conglomeration of liberal think tanks release their own plan, notably including carbon and financial transaction taxes.

–Karen Tumulty considers American exceptionalism and why ambitious Republicans are talking about it.

–The EU greenlights Irish bailout.

–Vegetables: Economic of Contempt on money market fund reform.

–Side dish: Animus, Google and online commerce — a great story in the Times.

–Dessert: An illustrated lesson in becoming an expert.

What did I miss?

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