Blame the Messenger

Former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson joins Hillary Clinton and the chorus blaming the media for Rev. Terry Jones today, arguing that by covering the would-be Koran desecrator we enabled the creation of “something new, something that will be studied for generations: the propaganda of the idiotic gesture.”

On the contrary, the …

Sharron Angle and the Fourth Estate

The Nevada Senate candidate’s rocky relationship with the press isn’t going to be getting much better after this one:


For what it’s worth, nothing she says in this clip is untrue — every campaign wishes things worked that way. They just don’t usually admit it.

Behave! The White House Is Watching (And Video Taping) The Press Corps

I am actually a big fan of “West Wing Week,” the White House’s eternally chirpy and upbeat, behind-the-scenes online video recap of what the press office wants you to know about how President Obama spends his time. It is quick paced, often funny, and the access is fantastic. It’s also propaganda, of course, not news.

In this week’s …

Afternoon Miscellany

Kate already pointed out one important story getting buried by the McChrystal bombshells–for my money, amid the raft of bad judgment McChrystal exhibits in the profile, perhaps the most alarming is his fondness for Talladega Nights–but here are a few other items you might have missed today.

–A federal judge in New Orleans has

The Journalist and Sarah Palin

Hi everyone. As the latest addition to Time’s Washington bureau—as well as the estimable Swampland team—I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Michael Crowley, and I’ve just joined Time after a long and happy stint at The New Republic, where I spent nearly a decade covering national politics, presidential campaigns, and, most …

“Any Plans For A Real Press Conference?”

Those words were shouted by a member of the U.S. press corps, as President Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderón left the Rose Garden this afternoon. The official White House press schedule for Tuesday had announced, “The President will hold a joint press conference with President Calderón in the Rose Garden.” But when it was all …

The Christie Model

Taking on the media is always something that endears Republicans to their base, and this from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has just the right mix of unapologetic directness, snark and indignation to make conservatives swoon.



The red carpet at the Hinckley Hilton (as it’s dubbed inside the Beltway) is all laid out and this year not only C-SPAN will be covering the celebrity arrivals but CNN as well. Washington is gearing up for the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, also known as nerdprom – I believe the name is fairly self explanatory. This year

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