James Poniewozik

James Poniewozik writes TIME magazine’s Tuned In column, about pop culture and society. Tuned In, the blog version, is about the stuff we used to call “TV,” whether it’s in your living room, on your computer or – once the networks figure out the technology and line up the advertisers – in your dreams themselves.

Articles from Contributor

The Debate That Mattered

The 2012 campaign can be properly divided into B.D. and A.D.: Before Denver and After Denver. On 1 B.D.—you may know it as Oct. 2—Barack Obama was cruising in the battleground polls. A successful convention had lifted him all …

PolitiFact, Harry Reid’s Pants, and the Limits of Fact-Checking

Fact: I do not know whether Mitt Romney paid federal income taxes, when, or how much, in any year before 2010, for which he publicly released his tax returns. Fact: You probably do not either, unless you are among the small army of spreadsheet-slinging professionals it must take to shepherd his wealth, or—possibly—if you are Mitt …

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