Hagel Nomination Outcry

Conservative groups took to the media even before former Republican Sen. Hagel was officially nominated for Defense Secretary.

PolitiFact, Harry Reid’s Pants, and the Limits of Fact-Checking

Fact: I do not know whether Mitt Romney paid federal income taxes, when, or how much, in any year before 2010, for which he publicly released his tax returns. Fact: You probably do not either, unless you are among the small army of spreadsheet-slinging professionals it must take to shepherd his wealth, or—possibly—if you are Mitt …

Why There Aren’t Supermarket Scanner Moments Anymore

Everybody knows the story. Another sad impostor in the long line of presidential candidates who try to emulate the Normals, George H.W. Bush walked into a grocery store one day in 1992 and blew his Joe Sixpack cover story by marveling at the futuristic wonder that was the store’s decade-old bar code scanning technology. Everybody knows …

Let Us Now Praise Ed Gillespie, Super Surrogate

UPDATED with a response from Ed Gillespie

There needs to be an Academy Awards for Televised Political News, a Golden Babbler Bobble-Head statuette that could be awarded on a special joint airing of Morning Joe, Meet the Press …

‘Fair and Balanced’ Stretched to Its Limit

Updated, 6:10 PM

If you’ve spent any amount of time watching Fox News, and did not arrive at the network already wedded to its view of the world, you know that “Fair and Balanced” is not actually an aspiration or ethos, but rather an inside joke meant to melt the faces of incredulous liberals. Yes, there is a divide between Fox’s …

On Today Show, Palin Joins the Lamestream Media

Before she was a guest host on this morning’s Today show – 45 minutes before – Sarah Palin was a guest, joining Matt Lauer on the morning of three Republican primaries, to offer “her take on the race.” Toward the end of …

The Gaffe Cycle Dominates the 2012 Campaign

In the 2012 campaign for president, the news cycle has been replaced by the gaffe cycle.

Back in the day, and even four years ago, certain signature events all but guaranteed a full 24-hours of political press coverage. Win a …

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