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Morning Must Reads: The Big Deal

Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

–That’s what a signature with 22 pens looks like. Here’s who get them.

–Probably the most touted immediate effect of the health care bill, a measure preventing insurance companies from denying children coverage on the basis of preexisting conditions, may not kick in as advertised …

Morning Must Reads: Lock and Load

Ben Nelson's Office

Photo courtesy of Ben Nelson’s office

–After so many months of vitriolic debate and soap-operatic drama, one might be skeptical when they hear this is the week health reform faces its ultimate test. But it is. House markup of the reconciliation package is scheduled to begin at 3 pm today. The final CBO score is forthcoming. The …

Morning Must Reads: Decisions, Decisions

Official White House photo by Pete Souza

–President Obama has decided to delay his trip to Asia, originally scheduled to begin March 18, in order to work on health care. He is now slated to depart March 21. The window is still tight; the House has just nine days before he leaves to pass the Senate bill and the final CBO score has …

Why God Invented C-SPAN

Retiring Rep. Patrick Kennedy, a Rhode Island Democrat, is clearly upset with the media’s morbid fascination with Tickle-Me-Massa. He feels that this episode is robbing newspaper inches and front-page real estate from the coverage our brave colleagues are producing out of Afghanistan. And when I say upset, I mean really, really, really, …

Withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Meanwhile, on the other side of Capitol Hill, Dennis Kucinich introduces legislation to end the war in Afghanistan:


Capturing the Taliban

Some excellent reporting from our colleague Tim McGirk about the complicated relationship between the Pakistanis and the Taliban–and the recent capture of Mullah Abdel Gani Baradar, the Taliban military commander who may have been on the outs with Mullah Omar.

Meanwhile, the New York Times is reporting that the Pakistanis seem to …

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