Morning Must Reads: Petraeusesque

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Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

–As Kate mentioned, parliamentarian Alan Frumin ruled early this morning that two minor clauses relating to Pell Grant funding in the health care reconciliation bill don’t make the cut for budget rules. It’s a minor hiccup and won’t radically alter the legislation. The Senate is expected to vote on it around 2 pm ET today before it heads back to the House.

–I know I’m being redundant by posting this, but Karen and Kate’s health care piece is more than must read, it should be required. Read it.

Brendan Nyhan writes in today’s Times that just because health reform is law doesn’t mean the “plague of misinformation” is cured.

–Something to keep an eye on: Social Security has been hit hard by the recession, and the program’s problems loom large in the coming deficit debates.

–Echoing Obama, David Broder hails the new health care law as an “achievement of a nation that did what is hard, and necessary, and right.” He seems to have come to terms with his objections to party-line votes.

–Karl Rove writes repeal is a winner.

–In reflecting back on the ’08 campaign, Mitt Romney says he regrets not focusing more on the economy, calling the issue his “power alley.” I’m not sure it could have saved him. The economy didn’t become the central issue until things really went south in the summer and fall of that year. Early in the primary season, the Iraq War was at least as important in voters’ minds. But if the job market is still struggling in 2011, this tack might work better for him next time around; it is what he’s most comfortable talking about and jives with his background.

Another bad poll for Senator Barbara Boxer in California. If these numbers continue, Democrats will start to worry about where they’ll have to play unexpected defense next.

–Why does the paragraph noting the general’s state of residence always come at the end of the “Petraeus in New Hampshire!!!” stories? “Petreausesque” might just give “Shermanesque” a run for its money if he goes into politics.

What did I miss?