Mitt Romney Wins Florida Primary in a Rout

By the end, it had become a matter of margins. Would Mitt Romney defeat Newt Gingrich in Florida’s Republican primary? Or would Romney obliterate his opponent, reestablishing himself as the race’s undisputed frontrunner? It …

For Mitt Romney in Florida, It’s All About Character (Attacks)

Pompano Beach, Florida

A political riddle presents itself on the trail with Mitt Romney: Can a true man of character constantly attack the character of another man?

From the first introductions on Sunday, character was presented as the defining, most winning attribute of the former governor: Romney was touted as the candidate whose …

Armageddon for Newt

One of the wonderful things about our bloated, endless, tedious, miraculous presidential campaigns is that sooner or later you find out just exactly who these pretenders are. Thursday night in Jacksonville, after 18 debates in which his bluster camouflaged a myriad of flaws, Newt Gingrich’s deficits–the sloppiness, the hyperbole, the …

GOP 2012: The Anti-Primary

Watching Barack Obama battle Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Democratic primary race, you sometimes had a strange sense that neither of them could possibly lose. Obama had a movement of delirious activists and newcomers behind him, while Hillary had Clinton machine loyalists, women and other groups ready to fight to the bitter end for …

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