Bachmann v. Pawlenty

The Minnesota congresswoman smacks T-Paw as a health care squish. This type of thing will provide an entertaining GOP primary subplot, as the two Minnesotans vie for conservative Iowa voters in a battle that could make or break Pawlenty’s candidacy. Bachmann will have the luxury of being a theatrical firebrand, whereas Pawlenty needs to

Iowa Poll “Very Good News for Pawlenty”?

More than a week after his official campaign kickoff that included a tour through multiple morning shows and several cities, Tim Pawlenty still has plenty of work to do. In order to capture the nomination, Pawlenty needs to win or do very well in Iowa, but a new survey released today from Public Policy Polling shows him struggling to …

Haley Barbour Will Not Run for President

It’s official. Haley Barbour, after months of serious exploration, including the hiring of staff and winning endorsements, has announced he won’t compete in the 2012 presidential race. That sound you hear is an exhale of …

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