Campaign Circus Reaches Fever Pitch in New Hampshire

Bedford, New Hampshire

The Granite State had been worked to a fever pitch by Monday, as candidates made their final appeals before the long-anticipated primary. In the sleepy New Hampshire hills, the buildings overflowed. Crowds of reporters swallowed candidates and innocent bystanders alike. And the kooks and activists came out to …

The Case Against Iowa, Cont’d

I’m with Ezra Klein: Rick Santorum doesn’t owe his Iowa success to old-fashioned retail politicking. If pressing the flesh at hundreds of events across 99 counties is the path to victory in Iowa, why was Santorum such a nonfactor until the race’s closing days? Do Iowans keep their stirring love for grassroots heroes a secret until the …

Where Does the Limbaugh Vote Go?

Absolutely fascinating, and slightly hilarious, new poll today from Iowa–conducted by J. Ann Selzer, who knows that state better than anyone (she polls for the Des Moines Register, but did this one for Bloomberg):

Cain 20

Paul 19

Romney 18

Gingrich 17

And 60% say they may change their vote between now and the caucusing. …

Huntsman Doubles Down on New Hampshire

Two days after Jon Huntsman said his presidential campaign would be “singularly” focused on New Hampshire, his team announced plans to plant its flag permanently in the Granite State, shifting its national headquarters from Orlando to Manchester.

The move reflects a stark reality: without a strong showing in the nation’s first primary …

Rick Perry Is a Lucky Man, Too

I’ve been writing about Mitt Romney’s remarkable good fortune. But his chief rival, Rick Perry, dodged a major bullet yesterday. In a new Fox News poll of Republicans nationwide, Perry finished second (at 19 percent). Surely Perry wishes he’d placed ahead of Romney, the top pick at 23 percent. But he definitely would have been unhappy to …

Sizing Up the Two-Man Race

After a series of sub-par debate performances and some unfavorable reviews in the press, Rick Perry’s initial swell seems to be receding a bit. Fox News is out with a poll showing his national lead over Mitt Romney evaporating, with Romney leading by 4 percentage points, just within the margin of error. National polls carry limited …

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