Sarah Palin

What Herman Cain and Kim Kardashian Have in Common

Kim Kardashian got married. Now she’s getting a divorce. Lindsay Lohan went to jail. Now she is being released. Paris Hilton went to a party. Now she wants to be a DJ. We know all this because there is a whole industry built up around chronicling the lives of people who are famous for no other reason than their fame. As Daniel Boorstin …

Where Will the Palin Voters Go?

Now that Sarah Palin has confirmed that she won’t run for President, one interesting question is whether her exit could change the dynamic of the existing field. Even this fall, a non-trivial number of Republican voters have been telling pollsters that Palin is their choice for the GOP nomination. She drew 9% in a late September national …

2012 Scramble: Who Loses If Rick Perry Gets In?

With each passing week, Texas Governor Rick Perry seems to be inching closer to a run for the presidency. His supporters have been calling around to social conservatives urging them to keep their powder dry. Conservative kingmakers have begun to discuss Perry as the only one who checks both the “conservative” and “electability” …

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